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World Economic Forum’s Global Lighthouse Network

VitrA Tiles was recognized as a pioneer manufacturer embracing digitalization into its production processes. VitrA Tiles was entitled to be the first ceramic tile manufacturer to be included in World Economic Forum’s Global Lighthouse Network as a forward thinking manufacturer leading the charge on adopting Industry 4.0. 

The DigiTile project at VitrA Tiles involves the integration of cutting-edge technologies such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, big data, data analytics, and the Internet of Things (IoT) into production processes. An MES (Manufacturing Execution System) application was developed, while an IoT infrastructure was established to enable the transfer of data collected from production to the cloud.

As part of the project that enhances efficiency in production processes, optimizes resources, and adopts smarter and more flexible approaches to production, various advanced analytics projects were implemented. Machine learning models DigiMill and DigiSpray, decision support system DigiOK, artificial intelligence-based preventive model DigiAlarm, analysis with artificial intelligence algorithms-supported quality control machines DigiQuality, and production control tower DigiBoard stood out among the prominent Industry 4.0 applications at VitrA Tiles’ production facility.

Through this program focused on enhancing process and production control via digital solutions, VitrA Tiles achieved up to a 20% improvement in overall equipment efficiency, reduced its waste by more than 50%, and attained nearly a 15% reduction in energy consumption and nearly a 45% increase in the use of recycled content.

The Global Lighthouse Network is a collaborative platform bringing together forward-thinking manufacturers leading the charge in adopting Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies. Leveraging innovations like artificial intelligence, 3D-printing, and big data analytics, Lighthouses drive efficiency, competitiveness, and transformative business models at scale, fostering economic growth while championing workforce augmentation, environmental protection and providing a collaborative learning journey for all-sized manufacturers globally. The Global Lighthouse Network is a World Economic Forum initiative co-founded with McKinsey & Company and counselled by an Advisory Board of industry leaders. Factories and value chains that join the network are designated by an independent panel of experts.

VitrA Tiles, Türkiye’s leading exporter of ceramic tiles to the EU, began production in Tuzla, Istanbul, in 1991 and Bozüyük, Bilecik, in 1992. VitrA Tiles has an annual capacity of 33 million square meters and sells its products in c. 90 countries around the world, with Türkiye and Germany being its top two markets.

VitrA Tiles brings the 60-year expertise of the VitrA brand to bathrooms and other living spaces, including indoor and outdoor pools, gardens, and building exteriors. Continually developing innovative solutions for textures and materials, VitrA Tiles’ new collections are trend setters in the field of tile surfaces.