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Versus XL

A new ceramic series usıng silver fantasy marble with hues which are closest to its natural color. Presented with porcelain tiles in addition to its wall tiles, versus is enriched wıth contrasts creating a sense of minimalism and modernity in all spaces. The contrast created by the cool marble tissue with glossy stainless steel bars of bronze color gives a brand new outlook to walls.

Residential Flooring
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Porcelain Tiles
  • Area of Use Bathroom, Residential Flooring
  • Usage Place Floor, Wall
  • Size 60x60
  • Texture Marble texture
  • Surface Lappato
  • Colour Anthracite, White
  • Product Body Type Basic Tiles
  • Anti Slip -
  • Thickness 9
  • Grout Margin (mm) 3
  • Designer VitrA Design Team

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